Purchasing Management

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  • ◆ Procurement management

       - With the international engineering management system and procurement procedures, we can deliver regulated, efficient, economical international procurement services and also we can supervise suppliers’ Compliance, Supply ability, qualification test and other related experiences.

       - We can provide commercial and technical inquiry document package, negotiate and sign the contract.

       - We can provide services including customer logistics and customs clearance, on-site coordination

  • ◆ Procurement scope

      - Complete sets of equipment

      - Modular components, including water treatment, oil and gas, caustic soda, etc

      - Pressure vessel, tank, boiler, heat exchanger, reactor, pump

      - Pipes and fittings, valves

      - Non-standard modules, equipment and bulk materials(measure up to international standards such as ASME/API, Chinese GB, and other countries)

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