Our electrical data handover system is seamlessly integrated with the database. All the related electrical data is inputted when the equipment is added. All the tables required are not isolated diagrams, but extracted automatically from the integrated system, which assure the consistency and accuracy of electrical data.

  •  Delivery of document custom templates

  • Delivery of document intelligent conversion

  • Delivery of backup data

  • Delivery of customize data

  • Delivery of correlation data

Long-Distance Pipeline Station Reproduction Case 2012-Nanjing-SPEL, SP3D

Reference to a existing pipeline station project, to reproduced the design work, in order to achieve that all the discipline data can transferred through a collaborative data platform.

Create the Electrical engineering design software database, complete the database customization work. Improve the electrical reference equipment, the reference cables and other properties. Through the collaborative data platform, get the electrical equipment name, voltage, power and other properties from other disciplines in the design software. After finish the electrical design, transferred the electrical cable information to the 3D design software and lay the cable in the 3D design software automatically, then transferred the cable length, and routing path back to  electrical engineering design software. Eventually, generates the electrical single line diagram, power cable list, electrical equipment list, MTO and other documents, backup the database.