DDTS 3D scanning team will not only offer 3D scanning and data processing services for plant own but also provide a full set of modeling and application development services to satisfy the needs of multipurpose. With our professional, high quality, and high efficiency of work, we will help our customers to build a digital plant.

3D Scan Service

Using advanced scanning instruments and deep scanning technology, DDTS engineers can get the whole plant in different scales of three-dimensional surface information. A 3D Single color point cloud file will be generated through one time scan. Gathering data from different sites will establish an Elevation point cloud view for complete objects which can be viewed from any point of view.

3D Model Service

After obtaining the three-dimensional scanning data, DDTS engineering team will complete the 3D modeling work efficiently and provide basic data based on 3D model for multipurpose such as plant digitalization, expansion or other applications.

Other Applications

  • Simulation and process modification

  • Virtual operation, personnel training

  • Emergency rehearsal simulation

  • Factory relocation simulation

  • Equipment reverse engineering

DDTS Service Advantage

  • A large number of measuring instruments, all varieties, including handheld, long distance, accurate measurement, etc..

  • The modeling engineers have a good technical background and are well trained.

  • Senior information engineering experts to provide consulting services to help customers complete the application of information technology convergence.

  • Other measurement tools including Total station, tilt photography unmanned aerial vehicles, ground penetrating radar and etc.