We provide the digital delivery solution in the project delivery stage, according to the needs of EPC and the delivery standards of owners, convert the design results into the form of digital.

As a professional service provider, DDTS has rich experience in project handover between EPCs and owners. By providing comprehensive optimization solutions, we can smoothly transfer the plant data throughout the whole life cycle from design, procurement and construction to operation and maintenance stages by specifying delivery standards, standardizing the delivery data and audit tracking. The achievements from digital delivery can be used as a basic platform of information digitization in the future plant operation stage.

Our services:

  •  Intelligent Engineering Data Warehouse delivery: Provide an intelligent information Delivery warehouse, which is used to store, access, share, and manage all related engineering technical information and delivery process information.

  •  Standardized Delivery of Engineering Data: According to the delivery standards for 3D model, intelligent PID drawing, design software database of disciplines, project documents and engineering data, we offer data conversion and document sorting services.

  •  Engineering Project Delivery Change Management: Manage the change in project delivery stage. Coordinate and record the different between technological and on-site, manage change effectively, trace historical status and sources of data.