In the past few decades, the skill identification of engineering industry personnel in the market is basically based on the years of work, and the customer's employment demand is also differentiated by the years of work, for example, the customer demand for 3 to 5 years of experience of the distribution engineer, many colleagues even if they have the required skills, but because of less than the years of work and no good job opportunities.

The company introduced the skills certification system to solve this problem. When the skill level assessment certification exam, the working years are no longer set limits, as long as you pass the exam assessment, it is afraid that you only have one year of work experience, but may have strong ability or rich internship experience colleagues passed the senior examination, it can be identified as senior engineers. In the future, the company's salary and welfare system will also be linked to it.

The salary of those with junior certificates will be one level higher than that of those without, and the salary of those with intermediate certificates will be one step higher than that of those with junior certificates. And so on. Employees will receive an automatic increase in base pay.

Externally, the company will also vigorously promote this certification system. When facing customer needs, we will explain to customers that our employees with primary certificates are equivalent to engineers with 1-3 years of experience in the market, and intermediate certificates are equivalent to personnel with 3-5 years of experience. In the long run, the certification system standard of DDTS will be established in the market.

Our certification system will also become the new standard of the industry. In the future, customers will make it clear which level of engineers we need when recruiting, and other competitors in the market will also cite which level of engineers we need in the DDTS. This will be a new system, which will be recognized by the industry and society.

In the future, the company will establish an exclusive external talent pool to recruit engineers with excellent skills through project-based contracts. They also need to pass our company's assessment and certification, and obtain the salary matching their certification level. Of course, even if they are not employees of the company, they can also pay their own way to be certified to enhance their competitiveness in the market.

Actively cooperate with and pass the certification to promote the establishment of the certification system is not only beneficial to the company, but also to the employees themselves. Your ability and salary will be further improved, and the company and everyone will be better in the future.


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New standard for engineering service industry -the necessity of DDTS skill certification system