Saudi Aramco, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia, is also one of DDTS's biggest out-of-town customers. It is an integrated international oil company with a history of many years. It is the world's largest oil producer and the world's sixth largest oil refiner, with operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and around the world. It is mainly engaged in oil exploration, development, production, refining, transportation and sales, and owns the world's largest onshore and offshore oil fields. The company is valued at $1.7 trillion, more than Microsoft and Apple, and is the world's most valuable listed company.

In order to cope with the continuous serious impact of the global epidemic on the social economy, company management and personnel communication, DDTS has implemented the strategy of remote technical support and localized technical services. The start-up of the newly formed Saudi subsidiary is proceeding methodically. Recently, in response to the customer's demand for site inspection of Saudi Aramco, Mr. Li Yin, general manager of DDTS Saudi Arabia, overcame the difficulties brought by the epidemic and went to Jubeir City of Saudi Arabia at great risk. He led the local service team and started the preparation for the site inspection of Saudi Aramco.

This is also a milestone for ddts to adapt to the needs of customers and start to transform into the "digital transformation partner of customers". It not only provides customers with the whole process of the digital transformation process from solution consultation, application development, big data analysis and processing, to digital talent training by means of embedded technical consultation + implementation + service integration, but also provides them with the companion service mode.

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Since September 2009, DDTS has established a relationship with Saudi Aramco, which is the most significant project in the history of the digital transformation of DDTS. In order to achieve cooperation, through continuous progress, DDTS won two factory digital system implementation projects in 2014 and one digital factory system implementation and data processing project in 2018, both of which are digital delivery and application projects, and the delivery results have been highly recognized by leaders at all levels of Saudi Aramco.

On this basis, Saudi Aramco launched the Alliance framework service plan in 2018, and DDTS was invited to participate. After more than a year of communication, clarification and negotiation, the two sides finally reached an agreement and signed an agreement to confirm the cooperation relationship on November 28. The Alliance framework agreement signed this time will last for five years starting from 2020. The business scope includes system platform implementation and development, engineering data delivery and maintenance, data analysis and processing, post-operation and maintenance of high-value applications and other related digital transformation services.

During this period, the two parties will expand to engineering design and transformation, as well as safety hazard management in operation and maintenance, energy conservation and environmental protection and other related digital transformation services according to the progress of cooperation. It is expected that in five years, a total of about millions of man-hour related service needs will be generated. The service area includes more than 20 wholly-owned and joint-venture companies in Saudi Arabia, as well as regional companies in Asia, Europe and North America.

The signing ceremony of digital transformation partner between DDTS and SABIC

In 2011, as the partner of digital transformation, DDTS also had the honor to participate in the construction and development of CNOOC digital platform, which was a milestone project in the history of digital transformation of DDTS. It helped customers realize the goal of "investing the least resources and producing the maximum benefits". Solve the problem of separation of management and events to reduce expert workload and response time; Realize the fast retrieval of engineering information; Realize the integrity management of engineering assets; To provide technical support for the late offshore drilling platform operation and maintenance.

DDTS assisted CNOOC in building the digital offshore drilling platform

At present, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G technology, industrial Internet and other high technologies are changing our work and life at an astonishing speed, and the arrival of the epidemic has accelerated this process. Due to the great restriction of personnel flow, the world economy, especially the service industry, is stagnated, forcing enterprises to carry out digital transformation and business model reform one after another. DDTS not only innovates its service mode for customers, but also caters to this general trend with effective use of digital technology, and becomes a reliable partner for owners in digital transformation.

Based on its accumulated 16 years of technology, experience and talents focusing on the digital transformation of process industry, DDTS includes the technical advantages of the whole industrial chain, such as digital design, digital engineering, digital delivery, digital operation and maintenance center, digital detection hardware integration, artificial intelligence computing and so on. And for large head owners and engineering companies to provide embedded digital transformation partner full-life services.

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