Speaking at the Cambridge Energy Week 2021 online conference, Amin Nasser, President and CEO of Saudi Aramco, said the pandemic has accelerated Aramco's plans to digitize its operations and deploy and leverage the Internet of Things and big data.

Olivier Lepec, CEO of Schlumberger, believes digital is the best platform to help companies reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Chevron CEO Michael Voss said the pandemic has accelerated the company's digitization process -- including remote working, digital drilling, and the use of drones -- and that this trend will have a positive and lasting impact.

In December 2020, Saudi Aramco announced a strategic alliance with SAP Saudi Arabia to expand the digitization of its ERP systems and pave the way for further integration of new technologies. SAP's new platform will serve Aramco's entire organization, support Aramco's digital transformation initiatives and enable brand new processes for most of Aramco's enterprise applications and solutions.

On January 19, 2021, Saudi Aramco and Saudi Telecom announced the launch of Daman 7, one of the ten most powerful new supercomputers in the world, with a peak computing capacity of 55.4 petaps and the ability to process and image the world's largest geophysical data sets.

"The supercomputer will transcend traditional exploration and production boundaries with cutting-edge technology," Aramco said. "Advanced imaging and deep learning algorithms will enable it to run very sophisticated three-dimensional models of the Earth, improving the company's ability to find and recover oil and gas while reducing exploration and development risks." It will further strengthen decision-making in the exploration and development of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources and guide future investments in production and resource allocation.

Since September 2009, DDTS has established contact with SABIC. In order to reach cooperation, DDTS has been working hard, and won the bidding of 2 factory system implementation projects in 2014 and 1 factory system implementation and data processing project in 2018, both of which are digital delivery and application projects. And the delivery results were highly praised by SABIC.

On this basis, SABIC launched the Alliance framework service plan in 2018, DDTS were invited to participate. After more than a year of communication, clarification and negotiation, both sides reached an agreement and signed an agreement to confirm the cooperative relationship on November 28. The Alliance framework agreement signed this time will last for five years starting from 2020. The business scope includes system implementation and development, engineering data delivery and maintenance, data processing, drawing conversion and other related services. During this period, the two sides will expand engineering design and renovation related services according to the progress of the cooperation. It is expected that the total demand for related services will be about one million man-hours within five years.

This time, the service area includes more than 20 wholly-owned and joint-venture companies in Saudi Arabia, as well as regional companies in Asia, Europe and North America.

In addition, DDTS has been indirectly involved in SABIC's engineering projects through domestic and foreign engineering companies and other suppliers, and the results have been well received by customers.


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