Process Design

can join the customer's engineering design project and use Auto CAD, SmartPlant P & ID, COMOS P & ID and other professional drawing software to assist the customer in drawing and modifying PFD and PID drawings. Using Aspen Plus, Aspen EDR, FRI and other process calculation software, assist customers to complete material balance calculation and energy balance calculation, equipment design and calculation, pipeline hydraulics calculation, etc. Assist customers to complete the preparation of equipment list, pipeline table, instrument condition table, etc.

Attachment services:

Professional software consultation: SmartPlant P & ID, Aspen Plus, etc.

Training support: SmartPlant P & ID, Aspen Plus, etc.

-Nanjing-SP P & ID

In the production and operation process of the actual factory, the maintenance and renovation of the production site are constantly in progress. At the same time, the annual overhaul will involve the continuous updating and increase of P & ID diagrams. At the same time, the number of new devices is also increasing, which all need to reflect the on-site information into the P & ID intelligent system in time so that the system is consistent with the on-site information.

, in 2010, customers put forward the demand that nearly 2000 drawings of 6 factories should be added and updated. At the same time, relevant process equipment information and pipeline attributes should be improved. After nearly five months of hard work, the finished product documents including equipment data sheet, pipeline table, online instrument list, valve list and all attribute change list were finally submitted, and the project was completed on time and delivered to the customer. At the same time, one or two process engineers are assigned to carry out on-site real-time maintenance from time to time, and then P & ID data conversion and update are carried out periodically according to the amount of tasks.

Project-Nanjing-SP P & ID

customers proposed the need to convert more than 1000 drawings of olefin and polyethylene plants, and to improve relevant equipment parameters and pipeline attributes. After more than a year's efforts, a number of finished products including P & ID system backup files, equipment lists, pipeline lists and other finished products were finally submitted, and all P & ID maps were successfully released to SPF system, and related documents of equipment, pipelines and meters corresponding to the number were associated. The project was completed on time and delivered to customers.

Heat Exchanger Process Design and Accounting Case 2013-Nanjing-Aspen Plus, Aspen EDR

a reboiler has serious scaling and shell side cleaning is difficult. Without changing the inner diameter of the reboiler shell and the pipe specification, the pipe spacing is changed from 32mm to 36mm. Aspen EDR software was used to calculate the process of the original reboiler and the modification scheme, and the modification scheme met the process requirements. (Screenshot)



Process Simulation Service Case 2011-Nanjing-Aspen Plus


Distillation Column-Nanjing-Aspen EDR

, during the operation of a vacuum distillation tower of a device, the product has been unable to meet the requirements. After process simulation calculation and analysis, it is found that the main reason for the unqualified products at the top of the tower is that the cooling water at the top of the tower condenser tube cannot reach the design flow rate and cannot meet the condensation needs. The condenser is changed from the original 8-tube to 4-tube, and the heat exchange tube is changed from a smooth tube to a high-efficiency heat transfer tube. After the transformation, the operation is stable, and the purity of the top product is up to standard.


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