Electrical Design

are familiar with industry standards, can skillfully operate engineering software for electrical design, have participated in many domestic and foreign engineering projects, and have rich project experience and professional skills.

Gas Phase Silica Project-Shanghai-PDS, CAD

mainly includes the new construction of the second phase of the project, the simultaneous renovation of the first phase of the project, and the renovation of the waste gas and wastewater pretreatment devices. The power supply of this project adopts double-circuit power supply, and two 20kV voltages are introduced from the substation to the substation room in the factory area.

middle map service job description: use two-dimensional design software to complete the project electrical professional power supply system diagram, explosion hazard area division diagram, electrical bridge layout plan, power distribution plan, lighting system diagram, lighting plan, lightning protection and grounding plan, control schematic diagram, power consumption load meter, cable meter and other documents. Using 3D modeling software to create models of electrical equipment and electrical bridges in the 3D design system, you can directly view the models, so as to facilitate collisions in the design and greatly improve the accuracy of the design.

2015 -PDS,CAD

is mainly the design of the boundary area of the self-provided power plant, including the electrical design of boiler equipment, boiler substation, turbine generator room, desalination station, sewage treatment, circulating water station, coal transportation system, etc. This project is a thermal power station with a scale of 2 160 t/h high temperature and high pressure coke oven gas circulating fluidized bed boilers and 2 25MW double evacuated cold condensing steam turbine generators. The thermal power station meets the heating requirements and power generation needs of the whole plant's production and heating system.

: complete the design of power generation, power supply and distribution, power consumption load, substation setting, electrical control, lighting, explosion hazard area division, lightning protection and anti-static measures for boiler room steam room, boiler substation, generator outlet compartment, coal conveying system, circulating water station, boundary area outside line, etc. It also includes: coordination, communication and design review of electrical parts of EPC for desalination stations, sewage treatment, air cooling systems and other devices.

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